Sky's the Limit: AAE Reaching for Stars at Age 65

[April 2014]: One of Brampton's oldest and most innovative companies has reached retirement age.


AAE celebrating their 65th anniversary. Pictured (L-R) Andrew Dawson, sales & contracts; Andy Willnecker, president; Bryan Dawson, CEO; and Jonathan Dawson, plant manager.   

Brampton's Aircraft Appliances & Equipment Ltd. (AAE) just celebrated its 65th birthday, and this multi-million dollar company has tentacles reaching into the design, manufacture, and overhaul and distribution of equipment for aircraft and naval ships, adhering to strict military, government, and industry standards.

There's no chance it's about to kick up its feet and rest on its laurels.

For CC130 Hercules and CP 140 Aurora (P-3) airplanes, AAE provides everything from galley ovens to automatic flight control systems. And that only hints at the range of parts and services provided by AAE since it started out in 1949 with the repair and overhaul of aircraft accessories to the Canadian owners and users of U.S.-built aircraft — the bulk of this business Canadian defence-based.

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